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Erik Emanuelli September 17

Over 100 ideas, listed by category, to start your own business even with little money.

Do you want an idea to start your own business?

Are you tired of working as an employee and do you want to work on your own?

Do you want to study which are the best reference markets and identify the most suitable activity for you?

We have selected and analyzed the most profitable activities in the current context and market trend.

Here is our special collection of ideas that will help and support you with advice and description to start your own business.


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Erik Emanuelli September 14

A startup will often experience its fair share of ups and downs – with the downs providing more trouble than you might expect from a business.

The slightest mistake can cause bigger problems down the line, which is why stability is treasured by many entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few ways you achieve stability as early as possible.


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Erik Emanuelli September 9

Web accessibility is of the utmost importance nowadays. People with disabilities can’t properly engage with an inaccessible website. Their user experience is poor and their bounce rate is high. And free web accessibility plugins don’t provide an adequate solution.
You can avoid all of these by investing in effective web accessibility and ADA compliance solution with a web accessibility solution accessiBe.
But does it really work? How hard is it to implement it?
Let’s check!


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